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Duties and goals: According to 5th article of statute association duties aims and authorities are as following :

1-To do a part of duties from governmental institutions which according to regular articles are of association responsibilities.

2- Observation of common rights and benefits of associations member companies and institutions .

3- Making connections with related organizations to cooperate with association.

4- Cooperation with ministries organization and legal or real persons to improve skills of members activities based on law provisions .

5- Participation of industry owners and employers in decision makings in related subjects according to civil provisions .

6- Using the researches results in the country industry .

7- To create motivation a suitable competition in production.

8- In time support of innovations in country industries.

9- Collecting needed information and its usage for domestic supplying presenting that to labor a social affairs ministry and other ministries and organizations .

10- Members regular rights observance and communication with civil formal authorities in order to solve the problems among them.

11- Committing commissions to consider taxes and social insurances related to association members and taking governmental supports such as taxes customs and insurance exemption in order to compete with foreign countries considering the regular articles and getting needed permissions.

12- Development of industrial a economic potentials and taking skilled persons in order to lead related industries.

13- Establishing a well communication among association members to make proper trade system and observing benefits of members and society.

14- Development of culture industry and trade which causes the improvement of societies knowledge .

15- Planning and cooperating to control the market and fixing the prices based on presented policies by ministries and governmental organs.

16- Consulting with labor a social affairs ministries and other ministries inorder to fix export and import taxes to support domestic industries.

17- Presenting to related ministries the members needs to observe and improve occupation.

18- Creating proper condition to interchange members information professional and directional technology instruments around country .

19- Harmonizing a cooperating with ministries and governmental organs to supply raw materials in order to increase production and occupation .

20- Cooperating with ministries and governmental organs to make decision for import a export permission in order to consider occupation and preventing of closing the plants down.

21- Considering problems of wood based panel industries owners and other member industries and preparing needed reports to present labor commissions a related authorities.

22- Committing commissions to solve problems among member companies and third party .

23-whenever its needed association will present information to ministries budget a plan organization economy assembly supreme council municipalities and governmental organs.

24- Introducing wood industries students to association members for training under the supervision of labor a social affairs and industries a mines ministries and country education institutions.

25- Establishing training a researching institutions sport a cultural clubs with related organs permission.

26- Above mentioned items apart of associations authorities anyway according to civil statute a requirements association can do its regular duties .


History : According to 41th article of second economic social and cultural expansion plan statute in order to make a participation between private and cooperative share in public affairs and social services production occupation trade etc …the government has bound to leave the governmental related activities to private shares . Associations and trade organizations considering this law are established for replacement in this case . on the other hand association of IRAN wood industries employers based on 13th article of labor statute is established in order to observe rights and regular benefits and to recover employers economic state which lead to observance of society benefits and is registered by the No.192 date :1378/3/2 at social affairs a labor ministry.

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