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Duties and goals: According to 5th article of statute association duties aims and authorities are as following :
1-To do a part of duties from governmental institutions which according to regular articles are of association responsibilities.
2- Observation of common rights and benefits of associations member companies and institutions .
3- Making connections with related organizations to cooperate with association.
4- Cooperation with ministries organization and legal or real persons to improve skills of members activities based on law provisions .
5- Participation of industry owners and employers in decision makings in related subjects according to civil provisions .
6- Using the researches results in the country industry .
7- To create motivation a suitable competition in production.
8- In time support of innovations in country industries.
9- Collecting needed information and its usage for domestic supplying presenting that to labor a social affairs ministry and other ministries and organizations .
10- Members regular rights observance and communication with civil formal authorities in order to solve the problems among them.
11- Committing commissions to consider taxes ...

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